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Short story: John "Bird of prey" Chapman is a United States Marine Corps veteran who experiences posttraumatic stress issue. Subsequent to playing Russian roulette, he enters a comfort store minutes before it is victimized. He requests one of the burglars shoot him, and when the man delays, Chapman becomes anxious, incapacitates the looters, and foils the theft. When he meets with
his sister Cindy, who has quickly come back to New York for a wedding, she chides him for not taking his medicine and clarifies that she is coming back to Brazil, where she has been doing philanthropy work for a non-benefit association. Chapman gets word from Manny Ridley, a kindred veteran and ambassador, that his sister has been seriously beaten. Chapman quickly
leaves for Brazil. Chapman meets Thiago Santo and his accomplice Carlo Bororo, who are exploring his sister's strike. In spite of the fact that no observers have approached, Santo guarantees equity. Santo and Ridley caution Chapman to maintain a strategic distance from the criminal controlled favelas, however Chapman demands playing out his very own examination.
Katarina Da Silva, a beat cop, indicates Chapman where his sister was found. At the point when Chapman visits his sister in the clinic, an Asian attendant regulates drug to Cindy's IV. Cindy goes into seizures, and Chapman calls for assistance. The emergency clinic says they have no Asian medical caretakers, and Ridley recommends that the yakuza might be included, as
Brazil has a sizable Japanese migrant populace. Chapman comes back to the favela and pummels a few people when he sees one is wearing Cindy's accessory. Da Silva arrives and stops him, clarifying that the man is Cindy's companion. Da Silva interprets for him, and Chapman discovers that Cindy gave her neckband to him after his sister vanished. The man gives Chapman
Cindy's torn diary, which he recuperated, and Chapman apologizes. Utilizing carbon paper, Chapman recuperates a telephone number and contacts another of Cindy's companions, a picture taker, who clarifies that she was examining defilement and a conceivable intrigue including human dealing. At the point when the picture taker is reluctant to part with evidence, Chapman
pickpockets it. The picture taker passes on in a vehicle bomb seconds after the fact. Subsequent to participating in a firearm battle with yakuza hoodlums, Chapman researches a dance club with yakuza ties. There, he thumps a Brazilian bootlegger who works for Hirimoto, the yakuza supervisor. Ridley distinguishes official records as fakes and the two understand the
yakuza are hijacking young ladies from the favela and constraining them into prostitution. In the meantime, Santo arranges a vicious strike of the favela, killing numerous Brazilian street pharmacists. When one of his officers bumbles onto a yakuza seizing, Santo slaughters the officer and requests twofold his compensation from the yakuza. Chapman examines a yakuza
whorehouse, where he is perceived and pummels a few criminals. Santo is called to execute him, yet when Da Silva additionally arrives, Santo is unfit to do anything. Chapman hands over the proof of sneaking and human dealing to Santo yet winds up suspicious when Santo coincidentally uncovers information of the activity. On a hunch, Chapman sends Da Silva to ensure
his sister, and Da Silva murders a similar yakuza professional killer who recently claimed to be an attendant. Chapman finds a gathering between Santo, Bororo, and Hirimoto. Subsequent to alarming Ridley, Chapman slaughters a few yakuza and faces the three men without a moment's delay. Santo goes down first, at that point Bororo, lastly Hirimoto. As he lies kicking
the bucket, Santo denies inclusion with Cindy's close lethal assault, gives Chapman a key to a storage brimming with implicating proof, and demands a weapon to end it all; Chapman obliges. Afterward, at a bistro, Ridley offers Chapman an occupation with the state division as an operator, which he acknowledges.

Release Date: 27 November 2014

Director: Ernie Barbarash

Genres: Action,Adventure,Thriller

Language: hindi dubbed

Movie Quality: 720p HDRip

Movie Size: 1GB

Film Star: Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough, Jimmy Navarro

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